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#117 The lines your vacuum makes in the carpet

Neat lines that serves as proof that you cleaned… awesome! Advertisements

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#118 Pajama Day

no explanation required just pure comfy cozy AWESOMENESS!

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#119 Knowing (when you’re laying flat on your face) that your co-workers have your back

Cinderblock walls don’t “give” but Judd’s staff certainly does… it’s awesome to know that you work with good people. ~CH Awesome!

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#120 When the author of 1000 Awesome Things emails you

Yeah you know Neil??  You know! The’s Neil… well he emailed us (because we’re AWESOME people) and he wants us to take our picture  for his 2nd book…. Yes you heard it right…  isn’t that AWESOME??!!  So all of … Continue reading

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#121 Working in a new place and they become “family”

Isn’t it awesome when you go to work in a new school and the people you work with become like a new family?!  ~GS Awesome!  and right-back-at-ya’!

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#122 Getting up in the middle of the night to see an eclipse

I’m tired…but it was worth it!  Awesome!

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#123 Going for a run after a Stressful day

Run run run De-Stress De-Stress De-Stress Awesome Awesome Awesome

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