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#171 Lace Curtains Blowing in the Wind

The easy sway of lace curtains swaying with the breeze.  The sun or moonlight shining through.  Very relaxing.  Very pretty.  Very awesome. Thank you RZ for your awesome thing! Advertisements

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#172 Friends with flat irons

It’s the evening of Open House and the skies open up as I enter the building.  I could feel my hair frizzing out with each step toward my room.  Thank goodness for a colleague that  just happened to have a flat iron … Continue reading

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#173 When you forgot you were owed $$, and then they pay you back

There’s nothing quite like “found money”, especially when it’s YOURS!  You lent that friend a $10 spot, totally forget about it (and they may have too), and then they repay you… AWESOME. Thanks DL for the contribution… I can’t even IMAGINE … Continue reading

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#174 Nancy

Nancy was awesome. …and today’s District-wide Jeans Day in her memory that will create a scholarship fund for her 2 children is awesome as well.

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#175 the sound of that high-pitched “Mommy!!!” or “Daddy!!!”

the high-pitched “Mommy!!!” (or Daddy) heard when a mother (or father) returns after having the nerve to leave her kiddies for any length of time… and we know sometimes we just need the time away, but isn’t it AWESOME when they’re … Continue reading

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#176 The clean, fresh smells of new sneakers, new backpacks, new school supplies, and new clothes!

Nothing like the smell of new…. ((sigh)).  I’m sure some of you have been caught taking a sniff in the supply aisle @ Staples…. Thanks so much W.O. for your contribution!  AWESOME!

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#177 Getting through the beginning days of school

The chaos, the excitement, the fun, even the little snags here and there… we’re up to day #10 of the school year and it is off to an AWESOME start!  ~ Thanks BG for your post! 🙂

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